Lunes, Oktubre 17, 2011

Responsibilities of Busboys

A lot of people would be after the idea of finding a job that can support their needs without demanding too much expertise. There are lots of entry level jobs out there and working as a busboy has become the option that a lot of people found interest in.

Finding work in a restaurant is a great opportunity but to make sure that you will be able to perform according to the nature of the job, it will be important to know your duties and responsibilities and knowing the busboy job description is one way to start the idea right.
The following are some of the most important responsibilities that busboys should fulfill: 

  1. Busboys need to clear glasses, plates, and silverwares and it is a primary responsibility that should be done between courses or at the end of the meal.
  2. Table setting is another responsibility that should never be overlooked. As soon as guests leave, tabletop should be cleaned and rearranged before the next guests arrive. 
  3. Restaurant cleanup. Before the restaurant opens and after it closes, intensive cleaning should be done. Floor should be vacuumed or mopped, linens be brought to the laundry, restrooms should be cleaned, and garbage should be disposed properly.
  4. Busboys are the extra hands during busy nights. When a restaurant overflows with guests, busboys can be assigned to help in washing the dishes or cleaning the kitchen.
  5. Stock inspection. This is an important task that will make it possible for cooks and bartenders to be guaranteed that all the ingredients that they need can be found in pantries, refrigerators, and bars.
  6. Customer interaction. Busboys can also help in getting patrons of the restaurant seated and they can also be asked to deliver foods to tables.
Busboy position is an entry-level job and with the proper management of tasks you can be certain that tasks will be handled efficiently without even having to deal with difficulties. Flexibility will also give you the best advantages because most likely, your duties will change from day to day depending on the establishment where you belong.

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